Survival of the Caregiver

A Treasury of ABC Self-Help Words that Give Encouragement and Support to the Caregiver

Survival of the Caregiver follows an A to Z format, centering on specific words of encouragement and advice. Whether a caregiver is struggling with guilty anger or needing solutions to the small daily problems, Snyder uses words of wisdom to relate and advise on the situation. The formatting Snyder took for Survival of the Caregiver will speak to the heart, soul, and mind of its audience. Following Snyder’s journey and follies will help a caregiver better care for their loved ones.
Survival of the Caregiver is the result of all the author's, Janice Hucknall Snyder's, ins and outs, ups and downs of caring for her husband for 20 years when he had Parkinson's Disease and Dementia.

This book is written from the heart. It is as personal and nurturing as it is informative. The author chose to use an alphabetical list of topics so that a busy caregiver can refer to a special need quickly. It is the author's hope that this book will aid other caregivers in their sad, but meaningful journey with their loved one. 
"This is a wonderful, insightful look into a caregiver's world.  It is a guide for those who have no preparation for what lies ahead, in this special role.  There are many words of wisdom." 
Karen Crowley  (In marketing, for CSX International Railroad)​
"This is timeless caregiving material throughout.  It is a great read.  Informative, nurturing, personal-would be great support to other caregivers." ​
Betsy Lindsay (A professional caregiver)
"I found the book to be wonderfully creative, going through each letter of the alphabet, touching on all the thoughts, feelings and things that caregivers go through, on a daily basis.  This book is a treasure and should be on every caregivers bookshelf.  I'm glad to have it on mine."
Judy Hayes. (Retired teacher)