Survival of the Caregiver

A Treasury of ABC Self-Help Words that Give Encouragement and Support to the Caregiver



His dreams unfulfilled, deep down within;
his creativity, never to begin.
The words that come, not to be spoken;
For if truth were heard, a heart would be broken.

He is a gentle man, with gentle ways.

The authority that he respects,
has strong convictions, he forcefully directs.
Imposing his rightness, though it be wrong,
because, the follower sings a different song.

He is a gentle man, silent he stays

So, the music fades, as hopes grow dim.
Dreams set aside, to be remembered as a whim.
The need to be true to oneself, lost;
Honoring another, no matter the cost.
He is a gentle man, all his days.

The father, who ruled and set the pace,
is he the winner, in this very sad race?
No, nor the son, whose dreams are so lost;
His wasted talents, the unbearable cost!
He is a gentle man, his life he pays.

                     By Janice Hucknall Snyder 
Janice's husband, Richard Snyder
Other poems by Janice Snyder will be reprinted here on a monthly basis